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What you NEED to know about MAKEUP BRUSHES: 101

What you NEED to know about MAKEUP BRUSHES: 101


As we all know, Makeup can sometimes be pretty pricey - In fact, the average women will spend around $43/£33 on a single makeup trip, and to top it all off we then need the brushes to apply it. For some, this can be pretty overwhelming, so I'm here to show you everything that you need to know about makeup brushes and tools and some of my personal favourites. 

As a Makeup Artist myself, it is important for me to know a lot about makeup brushes - Down to what type of hair they are made of, the uses for that hair material, the density of the bristles and so on, so I will explain it as much as possible in a simplified way for you and your personal makeup kit.

There are 3 main types of brushes:

  1. Natural haired brushes
  2. Synthetic brushes
  3. Duo fibre brushes

The natural haired brushes are typically made of goats hair, badger hair and so on and are usually white/light hairs. These work amazingly for powder products such as your bronzers, eye shadows etc. The reason they work well for powder brushes is because they pick up a good amount of product and then seamlessly blend that product out. 

Synthetic brushes are made from man-made materials such as nylon and usually have black/dark hairs. These brushes work amazingly for cream and liquid products such as foundation, eyeliner etc. The reasons these work so well for liquid and creams is because they won't absorb the product and will apply your foundation and other products streak free! Another note about Synthetic brushes is that they are also vegan.

Duo fibre brushes are a mix between synthetic and natural-haired brushes, as strange as it sounds these brushes are worthwhile to have in your kit, especially if you want to keep it simple or small. As the bristles are mixed you can use them for almost anything, foundation, powder, blush and so on. 

Now, here are a few of my favourites - I personally prefer to buy brush sets as they are good value for money and you can buy brushes to do your whole face in one go. 

One of my favourites is from the brand 'Mikasa', the set I own is the 8 pieces essential kit, however, they also have smaller kits and individual brushes available here I also have a code which will get you 25% off your purchase " charliemcguire25 " 




Another favourite is from the brand 'Zoeva' and they also do individual brushes and sets. Available here.



My last favourite brush set is from real techniques and is their Duo Fibre set which is available here. This is an all round amazing set especially if you prefer the sounds of sticking to duo fibre as they can be a bit more multi-use as long as you give them a quick clean in between uses if you are mixing your liquids and powders!




And that's it for this post! I would like to start leaving a question in each post for all of you to leave your answers in the comments, for today the question is: If you use any brushes, which ones are your favourites? 

Make sure to leave comments below and share - Don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more content from me! Also, would you like to see a part 2, where I will go over the uses for each brush (such as the use of a fluffy eye brush compared to a flat brush) let me know, please!

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