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How I Transform my Brows: 0 to 100 tutorial

How I Transform my Brows: 0 to 100 tutorial

Recently, I have found that a tonne of people are always complimenting my brows or asking what do I to/use to groom and style them - so I decided to make a step my step guide on my daily routine and the product I use and swear by.

The first thing in my opinion that is super important and makes styling your brows a whole lot easier is making sure that you are tweezing or getting your brows waxed or threaded. This is important as you are removing the unwanted parts of hair which can make your eyebrows appear more lifted. It also helps with your eyeshadow application as it makes them go on smoother and cleaner. (I personally go between tweezing and waxing)


Tinting! This isn't necessary but naturally, my hair is blonde and I now have it dyed red, so, as you could imagine my brows are very light so I always like to keep them topped up with a tint. I personally like to use the Eylure dybrow kit in dark brown.




With this kit, you add equal amounts of the liquid and gel together and mix until it creates an even paste. With an angled brush I simply just outline and fill in the blanks of my brows.

I leave my tint on for around 7-10 minutes. (Please ignore the redness of my skin in this photo - I had just waxed my eyebrows!)


download (2).jpg

And that's it for my brow routine! If you would like to see a full face tutorial on my go-to makeup look please let me know in the comments below.

Today's question is what type of product do you use in your brows? (Powder, pomade, pencil etc.) Let me know in the comments below!

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