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Everything you need to know about: Primers

Everything you need to know about: Primers

Primers are probably one of the most underrated makeup products. They are a pro secret to a long lasting makeup look! Here is a breakdown of what primers are and what exactly to use them for to perfectly fit your skin.

A primer creates a barrier between the skin and the foundation, which can help your skin's texture and stop the foundation from being clogged into pores. This barrier helps the makeup's longevity and overall finish of the makeup.

Primers should be applied in a thin layer as applying too much can create an opposite effect and cause the makeup to wipe off easily. 

Pore filling primers

Have you ever applied your makeup and thought it emphasises fine lines, scars and pores? That's where a pore filling primer comes in place! Apply a small amount of this over the area to smooth out the skin - Pore filling primers usually have thicker silicone feel to them (although some are water based rather than silicone-based), this thicker consistency allows the product to glide over the area filling in the pores, giving a 'blurring' appearance to the skin and allowing a smooth foundation application.

Mattifying Primers

Mattifying primers should be used on those with oily skin, this will help prevent your oils coming through your foundation causing it to breakdown and cake up. This also prevents your skin from getting shiny so you don't need to worry about touching up with more product later on in the day/night. 

As most people with oily skin tend to have enlarged pore mattifying primers often have more filling properties within them!

Illuminating/Hydrating Primers

Illuminating primers can be used if you want to achieve that 'dewy/glowy' skin look. I have not included many product recommendations purely because everyone's skin is different so I don't use every single type of primers as they are not all suitable for my skin but one of my favourite drugstore illuminating primers is my L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer (£10.99) This leaves a beautiful glow to the skin and adds a boost of hydration also!

If your not into an illuminating primer try a regular hydration primer can be used instead, these are good if your skin is extremely dry and gives the skin a boost of hydration and are often infused with regular water and coconut water etc. - I've heard great things about the Makeup For Ever Hydrating Primer (£25.50)

Colour Correcting Primer:

Colour correcting is a whole topic on its own which id love to make an in-depth post about, please let me know in the comments below if you'd like to see that, but for the time being I'll briefly go over colour correcting primers.

A colour correcting primer has a sheer tint of colours to help neutralise problem areas on the skin, We usually look at the colour wheel to help with this. Do not put off to use these because of the colours, as soon as a foundation goes on top, you will not see the colour underneath!

Green: If your skin has a lot of redness that still comes through your foundation, try a green primer. If we look at the colour wheel we see that the opposite colour of red is green, meaning if we put those two opposite colours together it creates a neutral tone! 

Purple: If your skin has a sallow tone to it adding a purple primer on top neutralises this to help make the skin look more youthful, glowy and overall brighten the skin. 

Yellow: Ever heard the saying "I'm so pale I'm basically blue?" well that's what a yellow primer solves! If you have fair skin there is often blue/purple tones around the eyes and other areas. adding a bit of this helps disguise those veins at the eyes and discolouration.

Peach: This is used to brighten darkness on the face which could be from sun damage, age spots, dark circles. This is especially helpful if you have an olive toned skin and have darker under eyes because of this - It just helps overall brighten the area.

Do you use a primer? If so, which one is your favourite! Let me know in the comments down below and dont forget to share this post if you enjoyed it!

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