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May favourites: #1

May favourites: #1

May Favourites

As it slowly turns into summer I decided its time to change up my beauty products. Lately, I've been loving the more softer makeup for day to day with a more 'sunkissed' dewy look.


My first product is Garnier summer body, gradual tanner (Superdrug £7.79) - I usually never buy gradual tanners because 1, I am allergic to the (most popular) Dove gradual tanner (which is the one I know many swear by) 2, the other ones I've seen were infused with cocoa butter or coconuts which I cannot stand the smell of! 3, I've never really believed that they worked - that's until I discovered this!  

I'm usually one just to self-tan, but it dries my skin out like mad and causes my skin to flare up with mild psoriasis patches. Using this gradual tanner, this doesn't happen, it moisturises your skin and on me personally, it doesn't cause any dry patches! It is infused with Apricot extracts which you can faintly smell - I'm super sensitive to scents so I don't find this is too strong and doesn't have that cocoa butter smell to it either. I use the one made for deeper skin, even though I'm usually the lightest shade in foundations when I tan I like it to look tanned. I've also noticed that this has a nice warmth to it (yellow undertone) which I personally like but I think that's partly to do with the fact I bought the deep version. Either way, I highly recommend this and you can get this pretty cheap - I managed to get it on offer for £3.50 (ASDA) which is amazing considering it's a 400ml tube! Definitely worth trying out for the summer!! 

Inglot Duraline (£8): I've been using this since February and I dropped it and smashed the dropper and half of the product poured out! A week or two after this happened I realised how much I actually rely on this product and how much I love it! I like to use mine for eyeliner (or pomades), I add a drop of this to my gel liners and it thins the product out - making it more like a liquid liner. But it also makes it waterproof and super black with a smooth consistency! I swear by it and it will last you for ages! 

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (32 - £36)- I had my eye on this product for quite a while and I've also been testing it out for a good few weeks. It is a cream bronzer, its very pigmented so a little bit goes a long way so this product will last you a good while! (Product is £36 from debenhams and other retailers and £32 on amazon)

However, this shouldn't be taken as a cream contour as it is very warm toned and should be used purely for bronzing up the skin. I like to just put this on the outsides of my face in a 3 shape (along the forehead, cheekbones and jawline) to add the dimension back that we often loose from our foundation, The brush I like to use is my Real Techniques Duo Fibre contour brush I wouldn't recommend it if you have very fair skin as it can look a bit orange - I personally can only use this if I've got a tan.  

Benefit watts up highlighter (£25.50) - I went off this product for a while but now it's coming into the summer I've rediscovered it! It is a cream highlight so it's a bit more 'softer' looking compared to a powder highlight. I like to wear this for toned down makeup looks or if I'm wanting my skin to look dewy. I take my damp real techniques sponge rub it over the highlighter and pat it onto the skin. This way gives it a soft airbrushed effect to it. 

MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick - This is a neutral matte pink shade and is my go-to nude lipstick for when I'm tanned. It looks beautiful with natural makeup or can be worn with a more dramatic makeup look. I pair this with my NYX lip pencil in ever


My natural foundation shade is porcelain, This is it in comparison to the tanning lotion which is after a few days wear.

What products are you loving lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Chal x 

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