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My Most Reached for Single Shadows | Warm Tones

My Most Reached for Single Shadows | Warm Tones

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If anyone has seen my Instagram, then you would probably know my most used eyeshadows for my makeup looks are usually makeup geek. They are one of my favourites because they are half the price of a MAC shadow (£4.95 vs £10) and they have extremely high quality!

These shades are my 'go-to' warm toned shadows with the majority of them being from Makeup Geek - these are the shades that I'm likely to take travelling and I will use at least one of these for every single makeup look that I do on myself or clients. 

Most used Single Shadows:

White Lies (Makeup Geek): This is a matte white. I use this for 'highlighting'/lifting my brow bone - I like to use a matte white instead of a shimmer white because I don't always want to necessarily highlight my brow bone, but more so lift it, and if I want to add a touch of shimmer, I know I can add a small amount of my highlighter to my brow bone and inner corner. Also, using the matte will help further blend my transition shadow, making it look much more seamless.

Pink Moscato ES76 (Morphe): This is a beautiful smooth champagne-gold shade. It is a shimmer rather than a strong glitter shade which makes it perfect for day to day. I like to apply this all over the lid with a neutral brown shade (Tan lines) running through the crease. You can find these shadows from as little as £2.85 (some of the matte shades can be a bit of a miss, but there pearl/shimmer shades personally have not disappointed me).

Chickadee (Makeup Geek): This is a mustard yellow shadow and as off-putting as it sounds, it is a really effective shade to add into a warm eye look. I like to use this as a transition shade if I want my makeup to be very warm (almost yellowish/orange toned) this is an amazing shade and looks amazing on all eye colours.  

Tan-lines (Makeup Geek): If I don't use chickadee as a transition for brown tones, I use this. I love this shade because it can be worn as a soft eye look if you apply this through the crease on its own or you can use it to add more depth in a dark brown smokey eye.

Cocoa Bear (Makeup Geek): The best way I can describe this is a burnt sienna shade. It is a mid-toned brown with a red undertone and works well with any brown smokey eye, I like to apply this running through the outer crease of the eye.

Superstar (Coloured Raine (£9): This shadow is a foiled eyeshadow meaning it will have a metallic finish and is super pigmented. It is a strong yellow toned gold and is not a shade many will pick but I absolutely love the look of this with really dark browns surrounding it. I highly recommend checking out Coloured Raines foiled shadows!

Grandstand (Makeup Geek £7.95): This one is a foiled eyeshadow from Makeup Geek, which means its the same as the last shadow in the sense they have a strong metallic finish. It is a warm metallic brown with a slight shine of mid-toned rose gold.

Mocha (Makeup Geek): This is a deep matte brown, I like to use this to further deepen the crease or smoke out (corrupt) a black shadow. It can also be used in place of a black shadow if you don't want the eyes to be too dark. 

Corrupt (Makeup Geek): This is a Black shade, it has a slight bit of glitter in it, however, it does not pick up when applying to the eye, this is just to help with pigmentation and bendability. This is one of the blackest shadows i've found, it has a slight bit of fall out due to the darkness of the colour so I tend to do my eyes first or bake my undereyes when applying this.


What are your favourite eyeshadows? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time,

Chal x

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