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Primark Lashes? Hit or Miss!

Primark Lashes? Hit or Miss!

Sosu Primark Lash Review Demo

Recently I made a trip to Primark and I saw these lashes at £5, they are 'SOSU' lashes and have styles made exclusively for Primark! I was instantly drawn to them as they looked to be amazing quality so I picked a few pairs up to test out and demo! 

The styles I picked out were 'Mollie' and 'Holly'. These lashes also do not include a glue with them but the glue I swear by for myself and clients is the DUO adhesive available here.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara demo

Here are my lashes before. The mascara I use is the 'Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara' (£8.99) and is one of my favourites! (Superdrug also currently have an offer on for Maybelline where you can get any 2 products for £10)



SOSU Primark Lash Mollie Molly

The first pair I tried was the 'Mollie' lash. These gave me tonnes of length, with the majority of the lashes thickness found in the centre of the eyes to create an open/wide-eyed effect. The lash band was thin giving it some flexibility to really mould to your eye shape making it easier for you to apply and stick well. 


SOSU Primark Holly lash

The next lash is the 'Holly' lash and these ones are super dramatic. They are double layered (one lash on top of the other). They are longer on the outsides which creates the effect of elongated/sultry eyes and adds a lot of definition to the outsides of the eyes. As these are stacked lashes, naturally the band is a bit thicker and therefore stiffer, which can be a bit harder when applying especially if you are a beginner, just make sure they are cut well so they are not lifting at the insides. 

The 'Holly' lash reminds me a lot of the Vegas Nay - Grand Glamour lash as they both have a stacked lash.

Overall I think these lashes are definitely worth a try. As I said the 'Mollie' lash was definitely my favourite as I feel they are the most versatile and can be worn daytime with soft makeup or night time with darker eye makeup.

Which ones were your favourites? Let me know in the comments below

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